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Yes we are still alive.

Sometimes life takes a 90 degree turn. I took that turn on February 2nd of this year when my wife broke her leg in two places. So that I could focus my attentions to her recovery, I more or less just stopped my business activity. Not to worry though, my business if fine.  So is my wife Trudy now, after surgery and a long recovery. 

I'm back in the saddle here and at work on this summer's activities.  I've already been working Moose in Northern Colorado these past few weeks and will be working on the web site again in the near future.



Happy New Year to all my friends and followers.






I've published a new article.  "A Primer for Achieving Sharp Focus on Super-Telephoto Lenses."

With the new wave of affordable super-telephoto zooms hitting and maturing on the market, one of the biggest problems I see my workshop students have is getting a sharp focus at long focal lengths. In my experience, it's more often than not a question of technique over the quality of the lens.  This primer will help the beginner or amateur photographer learn the basic habits and techniques to consistently get sharp results from their telephoto lens.

You can read the article by clicking HERE.



I've published a new article.  "Gary's Guide to Alternative Desktop PC Photo Editing Software"

Since Adobe have moved their software to the Creative Cloud, I've been looking at alternatives to the old standby of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the major alternatives for photo editing at the desktop.

You can read the article by clicking HERE

Moose Season Comes to an End.

Moose photography season has concluded for me this year. I had an abbreviated season this year but it turned out to be a good season regardless.  I've had a number of people asking me why I don't do tours past Labor Day.  The quick answer, that's when hunting season starts. I don't hunt and I don't want to be prey to some hunter's wayward projectile.

I'll be working up a portfolio of images for your viewing pleasure in the coming days.  I've also got a few articles in the works, so stay tuned. I haven't died and life is good.